Why Wasn’t GTA VI Teased At E3 2019?


Where is GTA VI? Wasn’t it supposed to be teased at E3 2019?

It’s been over a week now since E3 2019 arrived in Los Angeles and shocked much of the gaming world with new games, new looks at games, and a look to the future of gaming itself. But like every year, there were many rumors that were revealed to not be true at all. One of which said that GTA VI would be at the conference in some capacity. And yet, it was not. But why wasn’t it?

The easy answer is that while GTA VI is presumed to be in development, they may not be in a place to show it off just yet. Which means that E3 2020 might be a better place for a true unveiling. Another potential answer is that both Microsoft and Sony are working on new consoles, and the game will obviously release when those consoles debut. And thus, they’re waiting for the publishers to unveil their new consoles before showing off the game on their systems.

Either way though, it looks like the wait for GTA VI is going to be long indeed.

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