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What Once Was Car Soccer…Now Becomes Car Basketball


The recipe for success in the indie scene last year was to combine car combat with a giant soccer ball (or a giant futbol….bol). Developer Psyonix has expanded Rocket League’s gameplay in many different ways (different cars! different arenas! a bigger ball!) but they’ve never taken the radical step of changing the mimicked sport entirely. Until now.

They’ve hinted at it, but today they made it official: Psyonix is creating a basketball mode for Rocket League. Entitled Dunk House, it switches up the game by adding hoops and dribbling. How is a car expected to do any “dunking” anyway? They cracked that nut by making the hoops….really really big.

Psyonix’s new tweet and GIF says it all.

How soon can you make your car Like Mike? Very soon. Psyonix is committing to an April release date, which could be anytime in the next 30 or so days.

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