TheWorse Mod Continues to Improve Watch Dogs’ Graphics


Despite Watch Dogs looking pretty impressive on PC, it didn’t look exactly like it did during its first presentation at E3 2012. So shortly after release intrepid modders searched through the game and found deactivated presentation effects and turned them on to pretty up the game.

Cue raging controversy. Ubisoft, for its part, denies “gimping’ the game, but try telling that to the fanboys on the message boards.

However that shakes out, the mod sure is pretty. And it was just updated to 0.8, with anĀ depth-of-field strength varying option, compatibility with Ubisoft’s most recent patch, and a fix that removes stuttering on Ultra settings. The depth of field issue is one that gamers have been split on. Some were impressed by the gee whiz effect added by the mod, others found it distracting.

The video above shows what the game looks like at max settings with the latest version of the mod enabled. Watch in HD, of course.

Here are the recent changes to the mod:

  • You’ll be able to choose if you want a light dof, a strong dof or to be default (disabled)
  • You’ll be able to choose different bloom presets (E3 Bloom, Light Bloom or default)
  • You’ll be able to choose different types of colorgrading( E3, Default, Red-Ish or Blue-Ish)
  • You’ll be able to choose if you want default lensflares, anamorphic lensflares or SpotLight Volumes (Volumetric light)
  • You’ll be able to use a texture patch made by MalDofor reducing stuttering!
  • Headlight shadows have been fixed
  • Lighting have been changed
  • Pharmacy Lighting have been slighly changed.
  • E3 Wind environment added
  • Particle respawn time reduced to be able to see more fog and smoke in streets.
  • Problems and Bugs related to HDR should be fixed
  • Fully integrated to Ubisoft’s patch (No effects or shaders have been disabled)
  • Included several high textures from the game to be used instead of low quality ones.
  • Rain, bloom, ssao changes

[Source: PC Gamer]

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