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The Forza Horizon 3 Demo Is Live


You don’t have to wait any longer to play Forza Horizon 3, or at least some of it. Microsoft’s demo of the XBox One version went live this morning.

Several events and challenges are open, spanning the globe (if the globe consisted of just Australia). Playable cars include the Lamborghini Centario, the BMW M4 Coupe, the Ford Shelby GT350R, and the 2014 HSC Limited Edition GEN-F GTS Maloo. There’s even an online portion included; a free roam session that will let you play with friends.

The Forza Horizon 3 demo is 18.34 GB and can be downloaded from the XBox One Marketplace right now. Or if you’re too lazy to walk over to your console and turn it on, go to this page, sign in with your XBox account and cue up your download from the Net.

Forza Horizon 3 comes out in two weeks for XBox One and PC. Microsoft has not announced a PC demo yet; they’d better hurry on that one.

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