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Take a Close Look at The Crew With This Beta Video


The Crew’s closed PC beta starts today, and Ubisoft prepared this video to get players ready to try its new open-world MMO racer.

The beta video is the most extensive look we’ve had yet at The Crew, and is worth a watch even if you’re not in the beta or are waiting for the game on console.

Ivory Tower’s Lead Mission Designer Serkan Hassan guides players through what they can expect from the beta. The beta starts with a prologue section set in Detroit, which is both meant to introduce players to the game and give it time to fully install.

After the prologue beta players can try out missions and challenges in the East Coast and Midwest sections of the game, and try free-roaming gameplay in the rest of the game’s virtual United States. There are also multiplayer events such as PVP to try.

Two car specs will be available in the beta, the Street and Dirt specs. Three more, Perf, Raid and Circuit will be in the final game, with a quick glimpse of them during the beta.

Players can also try out the customization features of the game, complete with collecting “loot” in the form of new car parts, MMORPG -style.

The Crew will be out Nov. 11 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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