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Rocket League’s Progression System Gets An Overhaul


What is in Rocket League’s big new update? What major changes did Psyonix just make to the sacred age-old game of car soccer?

The much-teased “Progression Update” has now hit Rocket League. From this point forward, XP will be earned through online matches instead of offline. The highest level you could achieve was previously capped at 75 — but no longer. In addition, it’s not only easier to earn XP but to hit milestones with it: it will henceforth take much less experience to level up. Plus, the game has clubs now!

  • New Level Progression – An entirely new system that will remove the current level cap and and flatten the amount of XP needed for leveling up.
  • Clubs System – Players will be able to create and manage clubs that can have up to 20 members.
  • New Achievements and Trophies
  • Various Quality of Life Changes

That’s the free stuff. On the more capitalistic side, Psyonix is introducing a “Rocket Pass” that will let anyone instantly gain all the new content for a specific event, at a price of $9.99. Everything that the pass unlocks can also be earned through gameplay, but Psyonix estimated that would take 100 hours. Works for them!

Rocket League is available on just about everything: PS4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One, PC and Mac.

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