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Rocket League Puts On Halloween Costume October 18


This month marks the first Halloween that this year’s big Steam success story, Psyonix’s Rocket League, will experience. What better way to mark the event than with some holiday-specific items to collect and use, hmm?

Starting October 18, six post-game rewards will be added to the game: the calavera, fuzzy brute, and fuzzy vampire antennas; pumpkin topper; carriage wheels; and candy corn rocket trail. You can collect these the same way you’d collect anything else: by earning them through playing matches. You’ll have a chance of picking up a Halloween item whether you win or lose each match.

These special items will only be around as long as Halloween is — the whole thing gets removed November 2 (when presumably you’ll be able to collect turkeys and Pilgrim hats instead).

Keep in mind the Halloween update is free and not part of the upcoming DLC pack, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, which goes live October 13 for $4.

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