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Ride Will Feature More Than 100 Licensed Accessories


There’s more to Ride than just motorcycle and tracks. There’s also the thrill of consumerism, and the individuality that only buying things other people can also buy can bring.

In addition to including more than 100 bikes to try out, Milestone’s Ride will feature 100 items of clothing for men and women, 20 bike upgrade packs and a wide range of styles to customize your in-game avatar with.

Clothing options will include officially licensed “helmets, visors, suits, boots, gloves, jeans, and jackets,” according to a press release. You can see a list of available brands here.

You can also pick your avatar’s gender, haircut and style, which range from full pro gear to riding around in jeans and a t-shirt (that’s gonna hurt, virtually, if you biff it on Ride’s more high-powered bikes).

Taking the customization even further, Ride actually has a feature to manipulate the riding posture of your virtual biker to recreate your own riding style.

Ride also features bike upgrade packs that can change the look and performance of the bike.

The customization options are purchased in-game with credits. Thankfully, these credits can be earned in-game and there’s no mention in the release of needing to buy any of these items with real money.

Ride will be out Worldwide on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows PC, Steam, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 March 20.

Milestone released several screenshots showing off these items. We’ve included some in a gallery below:

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