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PS4 and Xbox One Version Of Assetto Corsa To Remain True To Game


Assetto Corsa, for the first time since its launch in 2013, will be coming to consoles in 2016. Specifically, to the Xbox One and PS4. This has left some worried about whether the very realistic PC version will translate well to the consoles. However, developer Kunos Simulazioni relays, as noted by Veni Vidi Vici, that the console version will not be “dumbed down”, but rather will try to be as true to the game as the PC version is:

“…we are also working on porting Assetto Corsa to consoles, which is completely based on the code designed and developed for PC, but instead of freezing the development of the PC version, we brought forward the overall process in parallel, creating a symbiosis that takes advantages from each platform.” States Marco Massarutto, Co-founder, Executive Producer at Kunos Simulazioni. “This has guaranteed a successful process of optimization and a different and improved approach in development that will be beneficial for everyone in future. Therefore, those fans who believe that the porting Assetto Corsa on console has the capacity to ruin the “magic” of the PC version can rest easy, as we can assure you that this is something that will definitely not happen.”

He goes on to note that the reason for this is quite simple, if the game is horrible on console, it will not last against the enormous competition the racing genre already has:

“Our only chance to compete with those giants is to push forward its strong point, the driving experience it can achieve, because that is the factor that depends solely on our know-how, experience and will and not on the budget at hand. Driving experience means laser-scanned tracks, advanced tyre and dynamic modelling as well as all the attention and care we have reserved to any car present in Assetto Corsa.” says Massarutto.

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