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New Screenshots Hint At 2016 Driveclub Tracks


The official Twitter account for Sony’s Driveclub game has disgorged four new screenshots previewing tracks yet to be released for the title. Evolution Studios, developers of Driveclub, says these are previews of yet to be revealed tracks for 2016. Let’s take a look at them….

driveclub 2982761-dc 2982762-dc2 2982763-dc3

These screens not only reveal what kind of environments the tracks will represent, but possibly new features like day changing to night, or weather conditions that could affect performance. Since all these shots look to be from different tracks, we know we’re getting at least four of them soon.

As far as new cars go, no word yet, but the odds of none being added along with these tracks is unlikely. Driveclub has sold over 2 million copies for Sony to date.

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