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Mantis Burn Racing Coming To Stores This December


What have PM Studios and VooFoo Studios just announced for this holiday season? When will Mantis Burn Racing arrive on store shelves?

This game was already released digitally last year, but is receiving a physical retail release in a few months. Unlike a lot of today’s racers that use a three-quarters viewpoint, Mantis Burn Racing takes place from an overhead perspective. You have five different vehicle classes to choose from, and you’ll use them over an 11-season single player mode with over 150 different events from over a dozen unique event types. Multiplayer supports up to four competitors, and can be played both online and local via splitscreen. When you’re not racing, you can adjust and tweak your vehicle with the RPG-style upgrade system.

  • Eye-popping Top-down Racing: You’ll drift, draft, and dodge your way through 12 gorgeous tracks spread across 3 environments, each with its own unique challenges and presentation. The glorious, photo-realistic visuals will make you feel like you’re gripping the wheel yourself as you cross the finish line.
  • RPG-style Upgrade System: You’ll have the chance to truly make each vehicle your own, adjusting handling and performance via an in-depth slot upgrade system, which provides meaningful tactical choices and tons of replay value.
  • Splitscreen Multiplayer: Get your friends together to compete on a single couch using the local competitive mode, which supports up to 4 players.
  • Cross-Network Play: Take your skills online in the 8-player competitive mode, which will even let you go up against players on other platforms.

Mantis Burn Racing will be released physically for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch December 12.

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