It’s Sabre Week In GTA Online


The latest big event in GTA Online is here: Sabre Week, so named for the new car now available at Benny’s Motor Works: the Sabre Custom Turbo. The event is mainly centered around the following three events:

  • Friday, April 15 – Sunday, April 17: Super Car Racing
  • Monday, April 18 – Tuesday, April 19: Lowriders Street Racing
  • Wednesday, April 20 – Thursday, April 21: Mixed Road Racing

The usual amount of sales also apply, but this time there are more of them. All properties are 20 percent off, tattoos and hairstyles are 50 percent off, and select Lowriders clothing is 25 percent off. You’ll be able to earn Double RP at Impromptu races, as well as in special racing-centric playlists. Also, any of your personal mechanic’s services can be used for free.

Because that’s not quite enough for Rockstar, they’ll take your money directly if you let them. Buying the $500,000 cash card, which costs $10 in the real world, will give you an instant bonus of $75,000 on top. The $8,000,000 cash card gives you an additional $4 million, but that thing requires giving the game $100. Who’s going to do that? Clearly somebody…as we’ve repeatedly reported, GTA Online is highly profitable and has its share of whales.

This event ends April 21, so if you see something you like, get to playing. Take our advice though — if you really have $100 just lying around, invest it instead.


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