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How To Play Jenga In Just Cause 3


You can get a decent game of Jenga going in Just Cause 3. All you need is some time, your grappling hook, and a LOT of shipping crates.

YouTube user teamcream has devised a way to play Jenga in Just Cause 3 by utilizing the grappling hook and a helicopter. You use the helicopter to stack the crates atop one another; then you use the grapple to start pulling crates out. Once you’ve successfully removed a crate from the stack without topping over the whole thing, you use the helicopter again to stack that crate on the top. Rinse and repeat until you lose.

It works as well as you don’t mind playing alone. Since Just Cause 3 has no multiplayer mode (though modders are working on it), there’s currently no way to play with another person — at least online. Two-player Jenga can be simulated perfectly, however, if a friend is in the room (remember friends being in the room?) Just toss the controller back and forth and take turns, and boom, you’ve got Jenga. No real-world wood required.

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