Here’s What GTA III Looked Like Before It Was Programmed


If you think Grand Theft Auto III looks primitive now compared to where the series is at now, you haven’t seen anything yet. This is as crude as it gets: the planning board that was used to map out the events of the game by region.

This is not the ORIGINAL board (wouldn’t that be something if all those flimsy Post-Its had been preserved in place all this time). It’s a recreation that is now on display at the Miraikan in Tokyo, as part of a public exhibit called Game On. The Post-Its were color-coded by type:


  • Green: Quest givers
  • Yellow: Quests
  • Dark yellow: What the attached quest will teach the gamer how to do
  • Pink: Missions rewards
  • Orange: Mission chains unlocking (or finishing with lasting consequences)
  • Blue: New character introductions


Here’s how GTA III started….

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Game On will remain on display through May 30th in Tokyo.


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