GTA V Coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Nov. 18, PC Jan. 27


According to a Rockstar Games press release, you’ll be able to get your hands on upgraded versions of Grand Theft Auto V for PS4, and Xbox One Nov. 18. The PC version is coming Jan. 27.

According to the press release improvements to the game will include increased draw distances and higher resolution; new weapons, vehicles and activities; additional wildlife; denser traffic; a new foliage system; enhanced damage and weather effects; 100 new songs for the radio stations; an increased player count for GTA Online; and “much more.”

Xbox 360 and PS3 players will be able to transfer their progress to any of the new versions. Some of the content is described as exclusive for players returning from those versions including new vehicles Dukes, the Dodo Seaplane and a “faster, more maneuverable Blimp,” and new activities including wildlife photography and new shooting range challenges.

As a pre-order bonus Rockstar is giving out $1,000,000 in in-game cash for the main game and GTA Online.

The announcement comes along with the new trailer seen above that shows some of the more trippy and weird things from the game.


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