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GTA Online Introduces Open Wheel Racing


Today we’re reporting about a racing game….in GTA Online? That title has been around for so long at this point, they’ve got to diversify to keep things interesting, right?

This week Rockstar has introduced the Open Wheel Racing Event. This isn’t the first time a racing game has been held within GTA Online, but it is the first one to be based around Formula One. We’ve covered actual, licensed F1 games on this site before….now it’s time to talk about a fake one.

There are two cars being sold specifically for this event in Los Santos’ Legendary Motorsport dealership. One, the Progen PR4, is branded with advertising for the city’s favorite unhealthy habit, Redwood Cigarettes. It seems to be based on the 1991 MP4/6, which is in F1 2019.

The other car is the Ocelot R88, and greatly resembles the famed Lotus 79 driven by Mario Andretti (must be a coincidence). Though the cars were introduced for the race, you can drive them anywhere in the city, and they’re fully customizable.

There are seven tracks altogether to compete on in the Open Wheel Racing Event,. and we’d tell you more, but Rockstar’s info page on the event appears to be down. Whenever it comes back up, you can read all about it here.

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