GTA Online Introduces New Gameplay With “Inch By Inch”


Today is the one-year anniversary of GTA Online’s debut on PC. And to mark the occasion, Rockstar has introduced a new activity to Los Santos: “Inch By Inch.”

It’s an adversary mode that’s half football, half Keepaway, all chaos. Players form two teams. One team is carrying a package; the goal of both is to get that package to their opponent’s end zone. The one player who has the package cannot use weapons at all, and has to rely on his teammates for cover, plus his getaway vehicle. The opposing team must use every weapon and tactic available to them to retrieve the box for themselves. After one successful score, the game resets and begins anew.

In accordance, Rockstar has introduced a new vehicle designed to aid with Inch By Inch: the “Vapid Minivan Custom,” which will be available at Benny’s Motorworks starting tomorrow. They also put out this pretty great ad for the car, resembling Chrysler’s print ad campaign from the late 90’s….


Inch By Inch starts tomorrow and costs you nothing, but will be accompanied by the usual double XP promotion and sales.

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