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Gotcha Racing 2nd Comes To Nintendo Switch


How soon will Arc System Works dive back into the racing game market? Right about now…what have they achieved in today’s release of the new top-down racer Gotcha Racing 2nd?

Gotcha Racing is unique among racing game series in that you don’t obtain upgrade parts from an in-game store or win them in races. You get them randomly out of a Japanese gacha machine, hence the name. There are over 700 varieties of parts you can get, and that number multiplies with the ability to fuse your old parts to make new ones.

Gotcha Racing 2nd comes with a lot of features and modes. Here’s Arc’s list of everything you can do….

    Race, acquire new partsĀ  to upgrade your car from the gacha machine, and win to advance through the ranks in the Grand Prix. Can you become the champion?
    Gain a never ending stream of new parts for your car. Fuse old parts together to constantly improve.
    Compete for the best time in each course. In addition to the normal Time Attack, there are Time Attack events where you can get special parts for your car. Your time can be submitted online to compete against the world. Do you have what it takes to win against your rivals worldwide?
    Race against your friends with up to four players! Enjoy exciting races anywhere at anytime, both offline and online!
    Enjoy some diversions with friends, like the Mini GP race, playable with unusual controls or Car Battle where you use spin attack to knock your opponents off from the square shaped stage.
    Build your dream race car to your exact specifications! With over 700 parts to work with, the possibilities are endless.

Gotcha Racing 2nd costs just $9.99, and is available starting today on the Nintendo eShop. Here’s a trailer for you….

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