Glitched Cops Assault GTA V Cutscene


Trevor and Michael are just trying to have a conversation about sarcasm here, but the police, as always, try to keep them down.

The problem is that the player was messing around and had the cops after them just before the cutscene. So after it starts they find their way inside Trevor’s house and start filling our protagonists with lead.

Since it’s a cutscene, no one reacts to the chaos, but their clothes become covered with blood. The funniest part is when Trevor refers to ripping Michael’s heart out while the cops appear to be trying to do that to him with bullets. Weirdly, the out-of-control cops just disappear before the cutscene ends.

It just goes to show you that the most fun and funniest things in GTA games are usually things that were unplanned or unintended. Do you have a funny GTA V glitch? Share it on our forums.

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