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Gear Club Unlimited 2 Launches Today For Switch


What has developer Eden Games been working on for the past year? Gear Club Unlimited 2, and the fruits of their labor are now purchasable on Nintendo Switch. What are the features?

Gear Club Unlimited 2 is vast, with over 1800 miles of tracks in the game covering a wide variety of environments including the woods, the desert and the coast. Eden packed in 250 possible races divided into championships, missions and challenges, taking place on any of five track conditions (asphalt, sand, dirt, ice or snow).

The game of course has an online mode, as it’d feel lacking if it didn’t, but there’s also a solo story mode “where [you] will have to save the family business from bankruptcy.” The online mode allows you to create clubs and recruit your friends, as well as race against ghost cars representing the best times on tracks. The best thing about the multiplayer is that it doesn’t require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription (though at $20 a year it’s hardly concerning).

You can also build and customize your own car in the Garage. “Players have to customize and personalize their vehicles thanks to the 7 workshops available in the Performance Shop,” reads Eden’s statement. “Guided by their workshop manager, they have to consider the characteristics of materials and laws of physics to create balanced cars that offer a realistic driving experience. They also make their cars unique thanks to the sticker’s editor!”

And this isn’t the end…more content will be added to Gear Club Unlimited 2 in the comic weeks. Eden Games mentions “synchronous races,” but offers no more hints. Check out Gear Club Unlimited 2 today on Nintendo Switch.

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