First GTA 6 Character Revealed?


Any new details on GTA 6? Any teases of what’s coming?

While GTA V’s success continues to boggle the minds of many, there are many more who wonder when we’re going to hear about GTA 6. The game has been rumored and teased for a long time, but Rockstar Games has confirmed or denied anything with it. However, a voice actor might have let something slip, because many sites are reporting that one has let it be known that they’re in the game, or at the very least something upcoming:

“Renowned Mexican actor, Jorge Consejo, may have just leaked one of the upcoming game’s characters by reportedly listing a role in GTA 6 in his resume.

Consejo apparently noted that he would be playing a character named “The Mexican” in the upcoming GTA installment by Rockstar Games.”

This naturally got a lot of people talking, and this in turn had Jorge noting on Twitter that he couldn’t elaborate on anything:

Notice that he didn’t deny that it was GTA 6 he was a part of, just that he couldn’t comment.

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