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Explore The Crew Beta, Jump the Grand Canyon


IGN has this fun video from The Crew’s recent PC beta. It involves quite a bit of exploring of The Crew’s version of the American Southwest and culminates with a Thelma and Louise-inspired jump into The Grand Canyon.

It does not go well.

It has to be said, it’s very noticeable in the video how much things have been scaled down for convenience in The Crew. It wouldn’t take a day-trip by donkey to get to the bottom of this canyon, in fact your asthmatic grandmother might be able to hoof it in a few minutes. But that’s to be expected, not even the biggest supporter of realism wants to drive hours and hours in a nearly straight line through the Southwest’s monotonous deserts.

Another notable video from the beta is this look at the game with graphics turned up to ultra, embedded below. If you’ve got the horsepower it’s certainly worth it, as it is a very pretty game.

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