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Doodle Derby Launches On Steam Today, On Switch Next Week


Publisher Headup and developer Studio Erikson tasked themselves with the project of building “the least realistic car game ever.” A tall order considering what’s already out there, but their finished product, Doodle Derby, is a good candidate for the debate.

Most racing games give you a goal and the car to get there…most of them DON’T make you build the entire track before you do so. Doodle Derby does, and the task is never easy. Make a 2D track of slopes, loop-the-loops and all sorts of crazy obstacles to bounce off of, and you just might ricochet to the finish. If you’re feeling extra devilish, try the multiplayer mode — build the craziest track ever and challenge your friends to complete it…then see if they’re still your friends.

  • A challenging single player campaign
  • Insane online and local multiplayer for up to 4 players
  • Race and build the most epic and insane levels until you make it
  • The Doodle Derby level editor: Design your own levels, then challenge your friends to survive them
  • Monster Apes! Rockets! Piranhas! UFOs! About 40 track parts and 60 million (unverified!) combinations
  • Groovy soundtrack
  • Lots of secrets to explore. Unlocking new cars, obstacles and levels!
  • Destructible environment incl. strawberries and other fruit
  • Background art so wicked only kids could have drawn it – which they did!

Doodle Derby is available now on Steam. A version for Nintendo Switch will hit the eShop on September 11.

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