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DiRT 5 Lets You Make Custom Arenas And Share Them


What’s the most interesting feature about DiRT 5 that sets it apart from the previous four DiRTs? How about Playgrounds mode? DiRT 5 boasts the most elaborate and powerful arena-creating mode yet, and Codemasters spilled all the beans today in a new trailer.

“Playgrounds is something we’ve wanted to share for some time,” says Robert Karp, DIRT 5 Development Director at Codemasters. “It’s unique for the DIRT franchise and, with endless possibilities, we can’t wait for our players to get creative.”

Players start with a blank canvas, and the ability to choose from three gameplay styles:

· Gate Crasher – A high-speed checkpoint dash through strategically placed gates. While it sounds simple, after adding loops and other obstacles, the challenge increases ten-fold.

· Gymkhana – Create a high-skill, fast-thrills arena peppered with drifts, donuts, and trick objects placed with precision for the perfect challenge. Players are rewarded for speed and style.

· Smash Attack – The ultimate four-wheeled hide and seek. Strategically position smashable objects and define a target score. Players must find and collect all objects in the fastest time possible.

If you feel more like consuming than creating, head to the Discover menu, where you can choose from an endless amount of uploaded arenas from other DiRT 5 players. You can add your own arenas to Discover by playing through them once (they have to be beatable, obvs), taking a photo for the thumbnail and hitting Upload.

To see Playgrounds mode in action, check out the trailer below. DiRT 5 will be released on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC October 16, followed by next-gen versions for Playstation 5 and XBox Series X later in the year.

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