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Dirt 5 Has Been Delayed One Week


Looking forward to eating Dirt? Put those plates away…how much longer will we be expected to wait?

You read the title already, so you know the answer. Codemasters, it seems, won’t be able to deliver Dirt 5 by its originally announced release date of October 5. Instead it’s been pushed to October 13, one week later. This tweet says it all:

Well, it says it all except the exact reason for the delay. Maybe we’ll never know, but those who paid extra for the special edition of Dirt 5 will be able to play it three days in advance.

Dirt 5 will take racing fans all over the world, from Brazil to the US to Morocco. This installment will boast the largest variety of vehicles of any DIRT to date, including rally, 4×4, sprint cars, sports cars, monster trucks with big wheels and many more. There are 13 classes of cars in all..if you ever get bored, mix it up. Dirt 5 will also boast a ton of modes, including the following:

Landrush – Circuit-based, rough terrain with jolting jumps and technically challenging sections. Weather and track conditions change on-the-fly during the event to mix-up this pack race mode.

Rally Raid – Controlling machines built for extreme off-road, Rally Raid challenges are point to point with split routes, where drivers can grab some serious air.

Ice Breaker – As the name suggests, players battle short circuits that take place entirely on ice. Throttle control and precise drifting are crucial to master this mode.

Stampede – Hard, unforgiving natural landscape, built for rough-and-ready machines. The layout is unmarked with major undulations over mud and sand.

Path Finder – Another new game mode. Controlled speed and more strategy are the keys to success. Hardcore off-road terrain packed with steep jumps and rock-strewn paths.

Sprint – Amplified racing at its craziest. 900bhp, enormous wings and four different sized wheels. Left turns only on oval and circular tracks. One for the drifters.

Ultra Cross – Varied terrain and unpredictable circuit design. Classic rallycross amplified for the ultimate challenge.

Dirt 5 comes out October 13 on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC…they’re working on next-gen versions for PS5 and XBox Series X too. A Google Stadia version is also planned for 2021 assuming there’s still a Google Stadia by then.

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