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Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflection’s The Crew might have been delayed, but it’s not forgotten. Loyal followers of this ambitious open-world racing MMO recently got some new info about the game on Ubisoft’s forums.

In its January Q&A, The Crew team answered questions about everything from the cockpit view to the behavior of the police in the game. Some highlights:

Q: How police will behave? They will be chasing you every time they will see you or only when you do something wrong, like crash into another car etc.?
Only when you do something wrong, rest assured however that they will not be patrolling around you all the time. More details regarding the influence of the police will be shared latter.

Q: Will there be the option to set traffic levels?
As The Crew is an online multiplayer game, the traffic will be the same for all the players on the map. Now, depending on the time of the day and the area where you’ll be driving, the traffic will not be the same. So if you’re driving in a main city you’ll have a lot more traffic than in a small town, same if you’re in day time rather than night.

Q: How many servers will the game have?
One server per platform (PC, Xbox One, PS4).

There’s more at the full Q&A.

The Crew is scheduled for release some time in 2014. Find more info about the game at its official site.

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