Check Out These Acrobatic Stunts With GTA V Trucks


If there is such as a thing as a Mary Lou Retton equivalent in GTA V, the title must surely belong to YouTuber BlackSmokeBilly. (I wonder if he likes bowling and hates smoking.) In the last few days he’s been putting up short films of his acrobatic tricks with GTA V trucks that put all other drivers to shame. Just look at them:

He sticks the landing not only once, but multiple times. It’s insane. The one below is even crazier:

This time, the man takes a BACKFLIP OVER A BRIDGE and lands flawlessly.

He uses a smaller model from the GTA V trucks in this one, and just corkscrews, but you try this and see if you make it:

See more crazy stunts with GTA V trucks at BlackSmokeBilly’s Youtube account, linked to above.

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