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You Can Play The Crew Today


If you live in London, Paris, Dubai, Montreal, New York, or Copenhagen, anyway. A work-in-progress version of the game is being made available to try at gaming centers in these places from May 16 to June 12.

The New York center will be at World Gamer Nation, which is a LAN center on Long Island. You can get directions to this and other gaming centers at The Crew’s new Route 909 website.

The site also reveals that The Crew has been in development for six years, going back to when the current consoles were just a gleam in Sony and Microsoft’s eyes.

Also, here’s a preview of Ubisoft’s next-gen racer you probably missed (because it wasn’t originally published in English and has recently been translated), with several videos such as this one that show off the game in action.

In its preview Gamersyde came away impressed with the “RPG DNA” of the crew, including classes, PVP, and perks that you can gain for leveling. Ubisoft seems to be taking the MMO formula more seriously than “race with a lot of people,” which might give the game an appeal beyond gearheads.

It was also very impressed with the scope of the game.

The game map is huge, a lot bigger than most iconic open world titles which includes the likes of GTA V or Red Dead Redemption. It’s however smaller than Fuel’s but that’s only because the developers wanted to make sure each spot would be unique and would have something to offer. The Crew wants to keep you busy anywhere you are but it also urges you to explore and take your time. Some players will certainly want to go as fast as possible, to reach their final destination instantly using fast travel, but that’s clearly not how we wanted to play the game. To reach the next mission, to get to the nearest shop to buy a new car, or simply to visit important landmarks, we just drove. We left Times Square and the busy streets of New York City behind to go south and end up in sunny Miami, but before getting there, we wanted to stop by at Cape Canaveral to see the space shuttles. What a ride to leave at night, see the sun rise and the traffic get more fluid when arriving in the countryside, stop the car to enjoy the view, leave the road, drive through a bumpy field before finally reaching our goal and deciding to set a new course to see another state. That’s what The Crew is truly all about.

More details and videos in the full preview.

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