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Wreckfest Adds Backwoods Bangers Pack


Have you ever raced against an outhouse before? It’s sure possible now. Isn’t technology great?

Three new cars have been added to Wreckfest as of today: the Outlaw, the Hornet, and the Honey Pot. The first two are pretty standard cars for a game like this, but then you get to that third one. It is an actual port-a-potty that burns rubber. Who says the Season Pass doesn’t give you your money’s worth?

Outlaw: This Hot Rod from the 1930s combines american muscle with agility, so it’s a great allrounder!
Hornet: This 1980s Euro Coupé stands well against the American muscle cars and is a formidable weapon of choice even for derbies!
Honey Pot: Make sure to sit REALLY tight whenever this thing goes upside down!

The three cars introduced today are among 20 that will eventually be added to Wreckfest through the Season Pass. The Pass will also add 20 special roof decorations and other customizable parts like rims, armor and more. Look for more of this stuff to appear in the coming months. Though this is probably going to be the only instance of a playable outhouse.

Wreckfest is available now on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC via Steam.

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