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WRC 5’s eSports Competition To Begin next Week In Monte Carlo! Details Here!


Esports is growing in a big way, and many genres are taking their crack at it in new and innovative ways. For rally car game WRC 5, they’re having gamers play for an eSports crown alongside the actual Rally Car live events. And as reported by RallySpot Magazine, that will start next week in Monte Carlo.

As they note: The eSports WRC season is split into two halves, with separate categories for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC players. Each half has five tension-filled qualifying rounds and a semi-final held at the same time as WRC events, with the three top drivers on each platform invited to the final.

It will use special stages new to WRC 5 from the rally concerned. The Monte-Carlo round will use the La Salle en Beaumont – Corps test, which players have been downloading since December for practice.

The eSports rally weekend will comprise four days of action-packed competition from Thursday to Sunday. Players will have one opportunity each day to record their best time and claim a semi-final place.

“The response from the gaming community since we announced the eSports WRC Championship in December has been overwhelming,” said WRC Promoter managing director Oliver Ciesla.

“The hot atmosphere and pressure felt by drivers in the cockpit of a World Rally Car will be replicated by gamers at the controls of their consoles. They, too, will be fighting for the tenths of a second that make the difference between winning a world title and being an also-ran.”

So if you have WRC 5, be ready! The races begin next Thursday!

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