World of Speed Interview With Creative Director Andy Tudor


Here’s a nice video interview by MotorWorldHype with Andy Tudor, creative director of the upcoming Slightly Mad Studios free-to-play PC racing MMO, World of Speed. Since the video is produced for a motor sports, and not video game player, audience, it’s asks some basic questions and serves as a good intro to the project.

Tudor explains that World of Speed melds MMO gameplay with iconic cars and beautiful racing locations.

“If you love a lot of MMO racing games out there, like RPGs, but also are a fan of cars, then World of Speed is the game for you,” Tudor says.

Tudor said that World of Speed aims to bring the feeling of playing a role and choosing the right equipment for a task from RPG MMOs to racing in a simple and easy to understand way, although instead of dragging a shield onto your barbarian your dragging, say, the proper tires to help your team in an upcoming race to your car.

The World of Speed team visited various cities around the world and studied them to try to create the most exciting and realistic tracks, Tudor said. In addition to the long, scenic city tracks in place like San Francisco, there will be enclosed motor sports tracks as well.

Tudor also said that even though the game is free-to-play, players won’t need to purchase items to win, nor does Slightly Mad want to create a situation where a player who is willing to pay cash will have a huge unfair advantage over players that don’t.

“You can play through this game without ever paying a single penny,” Tudor said.

Tudor would not say when the game is to be released, but he did encourage players to sign up for the upcoming closed beta test here.


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