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World of Speed Won’t Hit Beta Until the Second Half of 2015



Slightly Mad Studios recently released a bit of disappointing news for those hoping to get their hands on its upcoming free-to-play racer World of Speed soon.

The developers say that recent alpha tests have convinced them to take their ambitious project back to the drawing board a bit.

“Based on results of the series of World of Speed closed alpha tests and feedback received/collected from the players during those tests, the development team with the publisher ( have come to the conclusion that World of Speed requires major modifications,” a post on the game’s official site reads.

The developers say they are working on key features such as “steer-ability, physics, and game progression” and making each vehicle feel like a unique driving experience.

Though the developers will continue to hold closed alpha tests, the post says they expect large-scale beta testing to “start no sooner than the second half of 2015.”

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