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Wii U Version of Project CARS Delayed Until 2015


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Although Xbox One, PS4, and PC gamers will be happily enjoying the nearly incredible graphics and realism of Slightly Mad Studios Project CARS in November, Wii U owners will have to wait.

According to a statement from Bandai Namco, the recently announced publisher of the game, the Wii U version will come at some point in 2015.

“We’re committed to delivering an exceptional and unique experience for racing fans on Wii U and for this we kindly ask our devoted and passionate Nintendo fans for a little more time in order to ensure the game delivers on our vision of being the most authentic, beautiful, and technically-advanced racing game on any platform,” the statement says.

So far the Wii U version has been MIA, with no footage released. Will this delay eventually lead to a better version for Wii U? Or will the Wii U version be cancelled in the interim and not come out at all?

[Source: Eurogamer]

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