Just Cause 3

Where Mister Snowman Is Hiding In Just Cause 3


It seems seasonally appropriate that the location of a snowman easter egg was found in Just Cause 3 recently…..and no, it was not just added, it had always been there. Affectionately referred to as Mister Snowman, he made an appearance in the previous Just Cause game, on the grounds of a ski resort. Now he’s back….but where?

YouTuber OniZombie made a video showing where he can be found. Head to the Costa Sud region and make your way up a large river that empties into the sea. Eventually you’ll find the end surrounded by canyon walls….and Mister Snowman, completely out of place, standing on a sandy beach.

The snowman retains his indestructible status from Just Cause 2 and cannot be destroyed by anything. It’s Perma-Snow. Rico remembers him too, and will make a short remark once you find the dude.

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