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What Project Cars Looks Like At 12K


You may have heard Project Cars, the upcoming racer from Slightly Mad Studios, will have the option of running at 12K resolution…and then been curious as to what 12K would look like. Maybe a video wouldn’t be possible, but is there a screenshot somewhere? Well….for this definition of 12K, it’s not necessary.

First off, let’s define what 12K actually is, at least in the way Project Cars defines it. Currently, there is no monitor advanced enough to display 12,000 lines of resolution. Project Cars’ 12K is simply three PC 4K monitors pushed together to create one picture.

Does that sound like cheating? Not exactly. It’s a different kind of impressive. You want to talk about widescreen, check THIS out…..

This function was demoed at E3 and CES last year by Nvidia, a graphics card company. No one owns three 4K monitors yet, and very few people own three 2K monitors, but this will be an impressive rig for somebody, someday. Check out the video and just pretend you have it. (You can just ignore the “Suck it, consoles!” comment. Typical PC Master Race elitism.)

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