This Week Is Freemode Week In GTA V


It’s another Friday, which means the events have changed in GTA Online. Where can you earn double GTA$ and RP this week? Go to  any Freemode event.

Now through September 1, all GTA Online freemode events, with the exception of time trials, generate double GTA$ and RP. This encompasses all the events that were added during last year’s Freemode Events update, including Hunt the Beast.

Sales this week include 25 percent off the Vapid FMJ car, and 50 percent off the Karin Sultan RS upgrade. If you’ve got some deadly sabotage to pull off, Ignition and car bombs are 50 percent off, and resprays are 25 percent off. Body armor and pistols are 50 percent off, SMGs and assault rifles are 25 percent of, and all luxury weapon finishes are 50 percent off through September 1.

This week’s premium stunt race is Rally. Win the race and you’ll receive GTA$100,000, $30,000 or $20,000, as it was with Plummet last week.

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