Watch Dogs Takes a Dig at Kinect


Watch Dogs presents a world where surveillance runs our daily lives, where you can be watched everywhere. And where that system is so simple and unified that one guy can hack it all with his phone. So, okay, it’s not entirely realistic, but it does have interesting things to say about how much we let ourselves be watched.

Microsoft’s Xbox One Kinect came under fire for some of the same reasons. Gamers were understandably worried about pointing an advanced computer-controlled camera at themselves in their living rooms. Although Microsoft was able to soothe the public’s fears about their all-seeing eye, Aiden Pearce has a little bit of fun with it in this Watch Dogs Easter Egg captured by Eurogamer.

Aiden hacks a “Kinext,” which is just far enough removed to avoid copyright infraction, getting an eyeful and earful of an all-t00-familiar reaction from an angry gamer losing at a game. But the implication is that Aiden is only accessing a feed the government is looking at anyway.

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