Watch Dogs Multiplayer Get Weird, Wild, and Wacky in This Video



If you’re playing Watch Dogs and you didn’t turn the multiplayer hacking missions off after the first one, you’ll appreciate this video. People go to quite bizarre lengths to steal your data, and players have to respond with aggressive and creative solutions to them.

Some of the stuff in this hilarious compilation by TheStigAtWar would do Bugs Bunny proud. The ways players find to deal with it are also amusing and sometimes explosive.

I don’t get into the multiplayer too much myself because I am just epically bad at it. I was able to successfully hack one person, but that person seemed to be distracted by fighting the whole Chicago police force at the time. But there’s an undeniable feeling of satisfaction in pulling it off. Or in catching that spy on a security camera and blowing them away as they round a corner.

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