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Watch Dogs DLC is Going To Jersey in the Fall


Watch Dogs New Jersey

The official Watch Dogs Twitter account has dropped some hints about an upcoming Watch Dogs DLC pack, which it says is coming this fall.

The account posted this infographic, featuring a scary statistic about crime in Camden, New Jersey and implying that a version of the CTOS system from Watch Dogs is installed there.¬†Camden saw 67 murders in 2012, a huge amount for a city of about 77,000 people, giving it a shockingly high capita murder rate for cities over 50,000 that seems to be the source for the infographic’s claim.

So, not the safest place. Will we see Aiden Pearce leave Chicago for Camden? Will he be following his sister there, possibly to protect her from yet more consequences of his irresponsible and remorselessly criminal lifestyle? Or is just the setting for the already announced T-Bone-focused DLC, which the Twitter account also recently teased as coming in the fall? Hopefully we’ll have answers soon.

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