Wanna’ Get All The Watch Dogs Content? Here’s a Handy Chart


At one point, buying a game was pretty simple. You’d just go buy it, and what was in the box was what was in the box, and it was pretty much the same unless something was defective.

But we live, like it or not, in the era of the pre-order exclusive. And nothing illustrates that more than this chart, which shows all of the exclusive content and special editions for Watch Dogs. If you wanted to get every bit of extra digital content and every exclusive physical extra, you’d have to buy several editions and have access to multiple retailers in multiple countries to do it. Click to make this bigger.

Watch Dogs Pre-Orders

Polygon has worked out how many copies of the game’s nine discrete editions you’d have to buy and how many retailers you’d have to hit to get the retailer-specific bonuses. Their total package solution for all physical and digital content means buying 10 copies of the game, most of which you won’t be able to play because of region locking, and spending $1,240. If you just want digital content in North America they suggest buying the PS3 of PS4 version and getting the season pass.

But you don’t really need that hat that you can only get with one Asian version. And all of that will be forgotten if the core game is good enough. So take your pick and we’ll see May 27.

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