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VR Arcade Racer “Drive” Coming June 7


There’s a new arcade racer about to be released, built strictly for VR devices. It’s called simply “Drive,” and it’s headed to Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and WMR headsets via Steam.

One would think a title as simple as “Drive” would be already taken, but apparently it isn’t. (“Driven” has been taken for some time now.) “Drive was built for virtual reality from the outset and provides everything you’d expect from an immersive racing game,” says a statement from developer Novus Res. “The visuals are beautiful, and the gameplay is fun and intense, the sense of speed really hits you as soon as the lights go green. The computer opponents have a realistic feel, as if you were racing against your friends. They race hard and won’t hesitate to bump and knock you if you get in their way. A win feels earned in this game.”

The version of Drive coming to PC in a few days isn’t the final version — this is a Steam Early Access release — but it will contain a fully functional and robust set of features and modes. There will be a Championship mode if you want to get serious, but if you feel like a quick race, there’s a mode for that as well. Novis promises hours of gameplay (but remember to stick your head out of the goggles every now and then).

“We’ve had a lot of interest in the game during our alpha release, people really seem to like the arcade style of play we’re aiming at. We wanted to make sure the game looked beautiful and that it really feels like you’re in the car, but with gameplay that is more arcade like, more fun and less sim-like.” said Luke Wilson, lead developer on Drive.

Check out Drive on Steam Early Access June 7.

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