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Visual Improvements Coming To Rocket League


How good can Rocket League look on Nintendo Switch? Given the often underpowered capabilities of Nintendo machines, one would not assume much…but did you know more is capable?

When Rocket League came out for the popular console/handheld hybrid late last year, it ran at 720p in both docked and handheld modes, and dynamic resolution scaling made it dip as low as 576p in places. No more! Psyonix now says they’ve optimized the performance of Rocket League on Switch hardware and have achieved 900p in docked mode. Soon, all of us will have it.

This will not mean a hit in performance. Both docked (900p) and undocked (720p) modes will run in smooth 60FPS. The update that achieves this, says Psyonix, is due out in either March or April.

In other Rocket League news of the graphical variety, the game still doesn’t take advantage of XBox One X, but that is also about to change. A version of the game optimized for XBox One X is coming “late 2018,” according to Psyonix. Other planned updates this year include new arenas and, possibly, the ability to host cross-platform parties for chat and matchmaking — but that still needs work, and Sony still won’t allow cross-platform play of any kind.

[Source: Polygon]

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