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Urban Trial Playground Coming To Nintendo Switch


Can you think of any racing games that are exclusive to Nintendo Switch? Besides Mario Kart? Tate Multimedia’s Urban Trial Playground is blazing some new ground by billing itself as an exclusive Switch experience.

Urban Trial Playground is a sequel to the lesser-known Urban Trial Freestyle 2 on Nintendo 3DS. This will of course be a more involved and robust installment, built on a physics engine that affects every object and surface in the game. You’re not just racing bikes, you’re performing stunts, and will be graded on the combos you can pull off. Here are some of the features….

Freestyle & Time Trial modes will be available and include online leader boards across the  50+ game levels where players can grind their scores and rise to the top. Challenge yourself in Ghost mode, watch your best runs and try to beat them by perfecting different and faster routes or performing even crazier tricks.

Take advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s build – in multiplayer functionality and race against friends or family in couch based competitive modes with 2 players split screen play in Time Trial or Tag modes.

Urban Trial Playground will be out for Nintendo Switch on April 5.

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