UK Insurance Company Says Racing Gamers Are More Likely to Crash


Crash in Outrun

A study by the UK Insurance company Privilege showed that racing gamers had an easier time passing their driver’s test, but that the learning from simulated, no consequences driving gives might make them less safe.

“Our research shows that simulated driving experiences gives learners increased confidence on the road. However, the figure for new driver accidents for gamers is worryingly high, suggesting over-confidence can lead to mistakes. Managing a car and being a responsible driver is not a game and accidents in the real world can have serious consequences,” said Charlotte Fielding, Privilege’s head of car insurance, reported Auto Express, a UK car blog.

Privilege surveyed 1,419 drivers aged between the ages 18 – 50 and found that 73 per cent of those who regularly played driving games passed their driving tests on the first try, 15 per cent higher than the average for all drivers. But 77 per cent of gamers admitted to having an accident within one year, much higher than the 27 percent of all drivers Auto Express  and reported.

So, is there something to it? Does skidding through a turn in an Acura NSX in Gran Turismo make you more likely to be too cocky in your Acura ILX at home? Or are the results better explained by the fact that young men are more likely to play video games and young men are more likely to have accidents?

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