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TT Isle Of Man 2 — Videos Of The Career And Free Roaming Modes


How many ways can you play TT Isle of Man 2? We know of at least two…and how do we know? Because they both received individual trailers today. Check them out…

In the Career Mode, you’ll play as an up-and-coming motorcycle racer with dreams of reaching the Isle of Man. Prove your worth on one of eighteen different tracks, enter championships, earn cash, purchase more powerful bikes, and hone your wheelcraft until you reach the top.

If you just want to mess around, though, the Free Roam mode is for you. This mode uses a large open area for you to practice in and experiment with tricks. You can also take on challenges like time attacks and pursuits if you so choose. Once you feel you’re good enough, try the Career Mode.

Created in 1907, the Isle of Man TT is one of the world’s most iconic races for motorcyclists.

It is certainly the most demanding and difficult motorcycle race. The course snakes through the Isle of Man’s winding and narrow roads. Riders reach speeds of over 300 km/h, take off over bumps and scrape against low walls on a 60-km course with more than 250 bends to be memorised by heart: it’s a breathtaking challenge!

TT2 Isle of Man will be released March 19, this coming Thursday, on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC. A Switch version is coming later.

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