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Today Ubisoft’s The Crew, released four months ago, began a two-hour trial period for anyone who owns a Playstation 4 or XBox One. If you download the 14GB game to your hard drive, you’ll be able to play it for two full hours free of charge. It’s not a demo, it’s the full game (though the full game, purchased properly, does not have everything in it open immediately). If you decide to buy the game, any progress you made or gear you unlocked will be saved.

It’s worth noting here, though: The Crew received negative reviews across the board. Critics blasted the game for terrible controls, cheating AI opponents, and an uncooperative online connection. All this doesn’t necessarily mean YOU’LL hate it, but you have two free hours to decide for yourself.

Though The Crew was also released on PC and XBox 360, these versions will not have two-hour trials.

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