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Truck Simulator Coming To Steam


Here in the States people seem to fancy car games that involve racing at high speeds. But in Europe, while that kind of game is popular, there’s also a market for “truck simulators” where you carefully drive a massive behemoth from one destination to another. One such game, Euro Truck Simulator, was a massive hit across the ocean, and a sequel has now been announced that transplants the setting (if not the appeal) to the USA.

American Truck Simulator will be out in all regions early next year, though if what developer SCS Software says is any indication, it’ll probably be released on Stream Early Access first. At least I hope they won’t try to charge for this: “As the readers of our blog will no doubt know by now, this release will be just the first step on the road. A couple of trucks and the state of California that we are bringing you with the base game release is only a fraction of our grand vision – to cover all of North America eventually and to chase every relevant truck manufacturer for a license to allow us to include their trucks into the game.”

If SCS hasn’t even tried to go after the licenses yet, how can they promise they’ll be able to give players that content? Maybe they know something I don’t — their last game was a European hit, after all. I don’t know. American Truck Simulator will be downloadable on Steam February 3, 2016.

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