Transfer Your GTA Online Character to PS4 or Xbox One GTA Online


You did a lot of crime in the PS3 or Xbox 360 version of GTA Online. You’ve grown attached to your particular psychopath, and you don’t want to start fresh just for some improved technical features.

And you don’t have to. Rockstar Games has created a process that will allow you to transfer your character from the Xbox 360 of PS3 to either the PS4 or Xbox One. You can even jump console families if you want.

To start, you need a character and a Rockstar Social Club account linked to the account you’re using on the old console and the new console. The process also requires PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold. Once everything is linked it’s as simple as selecting the transfer option on the character select wheel on the new version. You can even makeover your character’s appearance at this point, if you want.

The process transfers:

Money – Earned in-game money will transfer. Purchased in-game money that has not yet been spent will only transfer within a console family (e.g. PlayStation®3 to PlayStation®4).
Rank and RP – You will have the same Rank and RP after transfer.
Game Progress – GTA Online progression will transfer including all unlocks, Contacts, Jobs, Trophies and stats.
Items and Property – Weapons/attachments, vehicles/modifications, properties, clothing and all aspects of character appearance will be transferred. Character-owned items (e.g. clothing, weapons, etc.) will remain in the character’s inventory and will not need to be repurchased in-game. Vehicles will appear in the same garage they were left in before the transfer.
Creator – Jobs made within the Creator will be transferred.
Crews – Existing Crew information will available.
Achievements and Trophies – Achievements and trophies will transfer. Additional overall Gamerscore will not be awarded for transferring achievement progress.

It does not transfer:

Purchased in-game money that has not yet been spent will not transfer from across console families (e.g. Xbox 360 to PlayStation®4).
Published Job playlists and bookmarked playlists will not be available if transferring across console families (e.g. Xbox 360 to PlayStation®4).
Leaderboards, world records and personal bests will not be transferred.
Snapmatic photos within the game. All photos will still be accessible via the Social Club website.

You can find the full instructions for both consoles here.


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