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Track Editor Revealed For Monster Energy Supercross


Milestone’s Monster Energy Supercross will contain a large amount of tracks, but where can you go after you’ve raced them all? We’re pleased to report the game will contain an editor that will allow anyone to make new tracks and share them. How versatile is it?

Today Milestone revealed the Track Editor in Supercross and what can be done with it. The video below goes into the details…

The first step to generating a custom track is to pick the perfect stadium: choose everything from indoors to outdoors, large or small and even location. Once your stadium is set, players can conjure up a never-before-experienced track.

The track editor, available on PS4, Xbox One and PC, is based on a modular system, where players can mix-and-match over 80 modules to craft their creation. Once the starting grid is placed, it’s time to unleash your imagination. Track pieces will include curves with different angles, whoops, single and triple jumps or rhythm sections and straight lines all the way to the finish line.

Once you’re satisfied with your custom track, you can take it online for others to play. In the game’s online mode you can download tracks from thousands of other players, ensuring you’ll never truly run out of races in the game.

One caveat, however: Milestone’s press release makes specific mention of the track editor existing on “PS4, XBox One and PC,” yet the game is also being published on Switch. Is the Switch version being published without this feature? If so, why? If we get answers from Milestone, we’ll share them.

Monster Energy Supercross comes out February 13 for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One, and PC. Makes a better Valentine’s Day gift than candy!

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