Thread The Needle And Win In GTA Online


This week GTA Online is offering one of its biggest payouts ever, but you’ve got to be very skilled to collect it. We’re talking about the latest premium stunt race called “Threading the Needle.” It’s a race on bikes that runs over 3 miles at top speed and is filled with sharp corners and tight turns. Only the motorcycle masters will finish in the top three, but if you can do it, you’ll receive a huge amount of GTA bucks. If you don’t succeed, you’ll get something anyway — triple RP, which is pretty generous.

For the less risk-averse (in game terms), try the parachute jump activities and the Drop Zone mode.┬áRockstar has started a special playlist featuring both modes, so you can get to them quickly…and this week they offer double RP and GTA$.

What’s new in sales? The Warstock Cache & Carry store has a 50% off sale going. This is the place where you can buy an armed helicopter or the rhino tank — worth considering. The Kuruma car (armored version) is 25 percent off at the Southern San Andreas Super Autos store. Also, this week, all Merryweather services are 50 percent off.

And Ammu-Nation is listing their assault rifles, body armor, throwable items and ammo at 25 percent off. These sales and events last until September 22!

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